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I became to V6 fan since 2003 (or 2002 not sure) and I started to love them from Change The World. From that time, I support them always. Until 2005, they did 10th Anniversary Concert and I had chance to go to join their concert. That was my first V6 con. Since 2005 until now, every year I flied form Thailand to Japan, I couldn't resist to go to Japan for their concert so I always join V6, Tonisen, Kamisen's Con. From Oct 2008, I quit my work at Thailand and went to Japan for studying Japanese and I'll graduate from Japanese language school in Mar 2010 . In the future I wish I can continue to study in vocational school here.

I try to listen their MC in concert even if until now I can understand only some part of MC. I realized V6's MC is very attractive for me. After their asia tour I hope they'll annouce V6's concert in Japan soon.
(I'm sorry so much I'm not good in English.)

You're welcome, Everyone :)

My best memory about V6 (You can pass this part if you don't want to know)
In Jul 2007, I could meet all of them at International Airport of Thailand when they were checking in at airport counter. I awaked in early early morning and went to airport by taxi, I could meet them in time. They came Thailand for shooting Voyager PV and this day they'll return to Japan. That time I were excited so much when found them and I and my friend went to reach to each of them for check hand with them. We could check hand with Go, Ken, Ma-kun and Inocchi. That time I couldn't say something with them and didn't say HBD to Ken-chan too, so I feel so sad until now too. They came to Thailand very quiet and nobody know too, But I and my friend heard their coming in almost last day from my another friend in Japan. So V6's fans who went to airport that day have 4 persons. They might be feel bad about amont of their fans but that was good with us because we hadn't crowd in a lot of people.